About Us

MidAmerica National Bank provides full-service banking to its customers. With approximately 400 shareholders throughout the communities we serve, MidAmerica’s trademark is local decision making in each banking center. From the beginning, MidAmerica has been very involved in community organizations and events. We believe it’s not enough to be a bank located in the community – you have to be involved and be an integral part of what makes the community tick.

MidAmerica National Bank has assets of approximately $325 million with offices located in Canton, Cuba, Lewistown, and Macomb. The bank is governed by a Board of Directors, which meets at least bi-monthly; the bank is managed by its Executive Committee and its officers, whom are elected by the Directors. MidAmerica National Bank is subject to strict requirements of both federal and state laws and regulations. All deposits are insured by the FDIC.

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MidAmerica National Bank Board of Directors
Dr. Robert C. Bobell, Optometrist/Owner, Progressive Vision Center, LTD
Dr. William R. Buckley, Retired Surgeon, Graham Hospital
James J. Elson Jr., Attorney, Elson Law Office
Douglas L. Hensley, President, Gorsuch-Hensley Real Estate & Auction, Inc.
Michael S. Hillyer, Manager, Triple H Investments, LLC
Stephen R. Hopper, Retired CEO, McDonough District Hospital
Rick R. Klinedinst, President & CEO, MidAmerica National Bank
Shelly L. Martin, CEO/Administrator, Wesley Village Retirement Community
Benjamin R. Shelby, President, Ben Shelby, Inc.

MidAmerica National Bank Executive Management
Rick R. Klinedinst, President & Chief Executive Officer
Kenneth E. Long, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Jan M. Dowell, Senior Vice President – Human Resources
Sheila M. Henderson, Senior Vice President - Retail Operations Officer
Thomas J. Claudon, Community President – Macomb; Senior Lending Officer

MidAmerica National Bank History
After the stock market crash of 1929, Canton, Illinois was greatly affected by the closing of its two banks, the First National Bank and the Canton National Bank. On June 28, 1933, the stockholders of the two banks met to discuss the situation. Upon the recommendation of federal authorities, it was decided that a new banking organization would be formed: The National Bank of Canton.

The newly organized National Bank of Canton opened for business on November 22, 1933 (or 11-22-33) in the building that had previously housed Canton National Bank. This building is located on the south end of the square in Canton.

During the first hours, long lines were crowded at all teller windows, and tellers worked long hours, often until past midnight tabulating the business of the day. It was announced that deposits during these first days exceeded withdrawals by ten to one. At the end of the first week, total resources of the bank were $770,432.

In 1969, The National Bank of Canton moved to a new location just down the street, and MidAmerica National Bank still operates from this banking center at 100 W. Elm Street in Canton.

The desire to serve the community and its residents was the guiding influence in the history of the bank. 

The National Bank of Canton purchased the State Bank of Cuba, January 12, 1987, and the Lewistown Bank was purchased March 2, 1987. Additionally, The National Bank of Canton purchased Union National Bank in Macomb, July 1, 1997, bringing local ownership back to that area.

On January 20, 1998, the Board of Directors for National Canton Bancshares, Inc., voted to update the name of The National Bank of Canton to MidAmerica National Bank to better reflect the markets we serve and the products we offer. The image below shows a representation of how our logo has evolved to what it is today.