Bee-A-Saver Savings Account

Develop solid financial habits early with a special savings account just for kids from MidAmerica National Bank.

Teach your children the importance of saving money with a Bee-A-Saver savings account. This special savings account is for children ages 12 & under. When you open your child’s account, they will receive a Bee-A-Saver Membership kit that includes:

  • Bee-A-Saver Membership CardBee-a-Saver Bee Image
  • Yellow Bee-A-Saver Savings Book
  • Bee-A-Saver pencil
  • Buzzy’s Guide to Saving booklet
  • Buzzy zipper pull
  • Bee-A-Saver bank
  • Plus a treasure from our treasure box when depositing money

Talk to a Personal Banker today to open your child’s account.


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