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Ask The Expert - October 2017

by Stacy Wise | Oct 26, 2017
Take control with Debit Card On-Off
I've misplaced my debit card. What should I do?

Answer: We’ve all been there at some point. You go to grab your debit card and it’s not in your wallet...or on your desk...or in your car...or anywhere else you frantically look. Some banks require you to cancel the card, order a new one, and pay the fees that go along with it. But at MidAmerica National Bank, we have a better idea. Our Online and Mobile Banking gives YOU the ability to turn your debit card on and off. Maybe you’re going to be traveling and won’t have your card with you. Just turn it off...and when you’re home and ready to use it again...turn it back on! At MidAmerica National Bank we believe YOU deserve to be in control. Call 877-647-5050 or schedule a meeting with a Personal Banker today and start taking full control of your online and mobile banking!

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