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Fraud Education August 2020

by Stacy Wise | Aug 27, 2020


What is Smishing?

Don't let the cute name fool you - smishing is way for criminals to try to trick you. Smishing, or SMS Phishing, uses misleading text messages (or SMS) to deceive victims into sharing valuable information, installing malware, or giving away money. Many of us are used to receiving legitimate promotions, reminders, and security notifications via text message. These messages, both real and fake, are brief and often links, so it can be difficult to spot a smishing attempt.


Here are some tips to stay safe from a smishing attempt:

  • Be wary of texts using unnatural or ungrammatical language. If a message looks even remotely suspicious, delete it right away.
  • Use your common sense. Offers that seem too good to be true usually are.
  • Don't click embedded links or download apps directly from a text message. Instead of clicking the link, open your browser and type the official URL of the website you wish to visit.
  • Never, ever give out personal information like your account number, online banking username, social security number, or debit or credit card details in reply to a call, text, or email that you received.


If you ever receive a text message claiming to be from MidAmerica National Bank, you can and should verify it by calling our Customer Service Department at 877-647-5050 or visit any location. Be vigilant and stay safe!

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