Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking at MidAmerica National Bank lets you view your balance, make transfers - even deposit checks - all from your mobile phone!

Click here to view a mobile banking demo! Our videos include using our mobile app on the iPhone, Android, iPad and Android/Kindle Fire tablet; using remote deposit capture on your mobile phone, as well as the basics of mobile web banking and text message banking.

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Mobile Banking App

MidAmerica National Bank's Mobile Banking App is the ultimate in anytime, anywhere banking. Available for both Apple and Android devices, our Mobile Banking App provides on-the-go access to your accounts in an enhanced interface developed just for your mobile device so you can easily:
  • view account balances
  • see recent transactions
  • pay bills
  • transfer funds between accounts
  • locate nearby ATMs and banking centers
Check out the frequently asked questions section below for all the info you need! Please note: Your mobile carrier's text messaging and web access charges may apply. 
What is our Mobile Banking App?
MidAmerica National Bank’s Mobile Banking App allows you to connect to your accounts at our bank via the mobile web or text messaging from your mobile phone or other handheld device. You can check account balances and review your recent account activity using the mobile banking app or text messaging functions. You can also transfer funds – all from your mobile phone or device.
How do I download the Mobile Banking App?
Simply search for MidAmerica National Bank on the App Store or Google Play and download!

If I open a new account with MidAmerica National Bank, do I have immediate access to the Mobile Banking App?
No. To be able to use the Mobile Banking App, you must be enrolled in Online Banking. If you are already set up for Online Banking, you just need to download the app and you are ready to go! Simply use the same customer number and password as you use for Online Banking.
How do I sign up for Online Banking?
Please read the instructions on our Online Banking page.
What about security?
Security is very important to MidAmerica National Bank. Our Mobile Banking App uses the same security standards as our Online Banking service.
Are there any limits on how much I can transfer at one time in Mobile Banking?
Yes. When you applied for Online Banking, there was a maximum limit on your application. You were asked to choose the dollar amount, and we set your limit to the amount you specified. You will not be able to transfer more than that limit at one time. However, you may go back in and transfer as many times as you would like.
Can I access Online Bill Pay through the Mobile Banking App?
Yes, as long as you are signed up for Online Bill Pay. You can find out more about Online Bill Pay, including how to sign up, by visiting our frequently asked questions section about Online Banking.

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit checks fast with your mobile phone. To use Mobile Remote Deposit Capture, you must be signed up for Online Banking and have the MidAmerica National Bank Mobile Banking App installed on your iPhone or Android. If you already use the MNB Mobile Banking App, make sure you have the most recent update installed.
Are there any limits on how many checks I can deposit?
Yes. First time users of Mobile Remote Deposit Capture must read and accept the disclosure and agreement in order to register. You will receive an email confirmation of your registration which will include your check limits.
How do I use Mobile Remote Deposit Capture?
For step-by-step instructions and helpful tips on how to use Mobile Remote Deposit Capture, simply click on this link.

If you have any questions about Mobile Remote Deposit Capture, call MidAmerica National Bank toll-free during business hours at 877-647-5050 or email us at

Text Message Banking

What is the difference between the Mobile Banking App and Text Message Banking?
With the Mobile Banking App, you access your account information on your iphone, ipad or Android phone via a downloadable app. With Text Message Banking, you’re not using the Internet, you’re communicating with MidAmerica National Bank via text messaging. 
If I open a new account with MidAmerica National Bank, do I have immediate access to Text Message Banking?
No. In order to use Text Message Banking, you must be enrolled in Online Banking. To enroll in Online Banking, please read the instructions on our Online Banking page.
If I am already enrolled in Online Banking, how do I enroll in Text Message Banking?
If you are already enrolled in Online Banking, simply log in to your Online Banking account, click on “My Profile” in the upper right corner, click on “Alerts & Notifications”, then click on the “Activate” button and follow the prompts.
What are the commands for Text Message Banking?
Text the following commands to 454545 and receive a response in seconds.