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Business Switch Kit

Switching your business accounts to MNB is simple. Use our Switch Kit for Businesses to make your transition a smooth one. Follow these steps to get started.

Step 1: Open your MNB business checking account and deposit funds into your new account. Be sure to write down your new routing and checking account number. You will need this to switch your scheduled payments from your old account to your new one. Don’t forget to apply for a debit card and order checks.

Step 2: Switch your scheduled payments to your new MNB business account. Remember to have your new checking account and routing number for ACH credits and debits and your debit card number and expiration date available when you switch your scheduled payments.

Step 3: Stop using your old business account. Keep the old account open until all outstanding checks have cleared and you have moved your scheduled transactions to your new MNB business accounts.

Step 4: Once all your checks have cleared and your scheduled payments and direct deposits are successfully transferred, close your old account.

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