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Second Opinion Service

In this challenging economy you may be disappointed with the performance of your investment portfolio, unhappy with the advice of your current financial advisor, or just unsure how you should handle your self-directed investment account. 

To help with issues like this, the Trust & Wealth Management Group at MidAmerica National Bank is now offering a Second Opinion service that can help you make informed decisions.

What is included with the Second Opinion Service


Investment Consultation

  • Asset Allocation Tactics
  • Risk Management Tactics
  • Portfolio Management
  • Time Horizons
  • Expectations
  • Investment Vehicles

Portfolio Analysis

  • Performance Analysis
  • Allocation Analysis
  • Fee Analysis
  • Holdings Evaluation
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Holdings Report

What to expect from the Second Opinion Service

We will meet with you either in person or virtually to review your portfolio and determine whether you are on the right track to meet your financial goals. We can also answer questions or concerns that you may have regarding your investment portfolio. If needed, we will recommend changes or suggest ways that we can help with your situation.

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