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If you are age 50 years or better, you are eligible for our M-Club Checking Accounts. The M-Club offers benefits to its members like discounts from community businesses, reduced rates on group travel, discounted checks, and much more!

Learn about M-Club eChecking, M-Club Checking and M-Club NOW Accounts or compare accounts.

Besides helping you manage your money, the M-Club can help make your life easier and more fun!

Other M-Club features include:

  • Discounted Checks - Receive your first order of 120 M-Club checks free and your next order of 120 M-Club checks half-price
  • Merchant Discount Program - Show your M-Club card to receive discounts from participating area merchants. Discounts will vary from merchant to merchant.
  • M-Club Trip Discounts - Enjoy escorted day trips, extended trips, and special events with MNB. You can visit fascinating places, meet interesting people, and enjoy lots of great food. Check out our list of current M-Club Trips below!
  • Lamination of Medicare Cards - Laminate your Medicare cards at no charge. They'll last longer and be easier to handle.
  • Discounted money orders and cashier's checks - Receive half price money orders and cashier's checks (limit five per month)
  • Complimentary trust & estate planning consultation.

2018 M-Club Trips

Our 2018 M-Club Trips are listed below. Anyone can join us on these trips, but our M-Club members enjoy discounted rates. We continuously add new trips, so check back frequently.

November 6-9, 2018
Christmastime in Branson
Branson, MO

  • Christmastime in Branson Itinerary
  • M-Club Member Discount: Double-$803, Triple-$748, Quad-$720
  • Non-Member Cost: Double-$828, Triple-$773, Quad-$745
  • Reservation Deadline: September 3, 2018


M-Club News

This month, the M-Club made their way to Starved Rock State Park for a relaxing day at A Touch of Kenny. On the way there, we played a few rounds of Bingo, and some lucky M-Clubbers won goodies and even cash! Upon our arrival, we took in the scenery. The lodge was situated right in the middle of the woods, and we had a perfect 70-degree day to soak in a little sun on the porch.

We were treated to a buffet style lunch, where we ate our fill of chicken, pork, vegetables, rolls, salad, and dessert. After lunch, some of our group members ordered fresh fudge, which was delivered right to their table! We spent the rest of the afternoon laughing, and singing along with Dave Karl, who played the role of Kenny Rogers. Dave not only looked and sounded like Kenny, but he had a special talent for connecting people to the music. We shared so many laughs during his performance because he brought in lots of unexpected comedy.

There is still time to join in the fun with the M-Club! Reserve your seats for our most popular trip of the year… Christmastime in Branson! You will not want to miss the lineup of shows and meals this year!

If you would like more information about any of our trips, please contact us at 309-647-5000.

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