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Agriculture Loans

Here at MNB, we're proud of our rich history of lending to local farmers. With decades of experience, our Loan Officers have the agri-business knowledge and expertise to help you ensure a successful bottom line. We proudly offer...
  • Operating loans
  • Machinery and equipment financing
  • Farm and real estate financing
  • Agricultural investment consulting
  • Livestock loans
  • Farm real estate improvement loans

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Our Fulton County Loan Officers

Bruce Edwards, Senior Vice President 
309-647-5000  |  Bruce Edwardsemail

Doug Tindall, Vice President 
309-547-2246  |  Doug Tindallemail

Mitch Coonradt, Assistant Vice President 
309-647-5000  |  Mitch Coonradtemail

Zack Krulac, Assistant Vice President
309-647-5000  |  Zack Krulacemail

Our Marshall County Loan Officers

Robert Watkins, Senior Vice President & Henry Banking Center Manager
309-364-2302  |  Robert Watkinsemail

Denise Salisbury, Loan Officer
309-364-2302  |  Denise Salisburyemail

Our McDonough County Loan Officers

Ryan Riggins, Vice President
309-833-4111  |  Ryan Rigginsemail

Ryan Van Dolah, Assistant Vice President
309-833-4111  |  Ryan Van Dolahemail

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