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Ask The Expert - September 2017

by Stacy Wise | Sep 26, 2017
Question: What is the difference between Buzzy’s Best and a Bee-A-Saver Account?

Answer: MNB strives to be involved with all members of the community, and Buzzy the Money Bee loves to help kids get started managing their money. Our Buzzy’s Best Program recognizes local 4th grade students who have been selected by their teachers as those who have proven to “bee” good citizens, cooperative, kind, hard-working, and helpful. Each month during the school year, the chosen students are awarded a $20 Bee-A-Saver account, a t-shirt, and several “bee” inspired prizes. While our Buzzy’s Best Program recognizes 4th grade students for great behavior, any child can open a Bee-A-Saver account. Bee-A-Saver accounts are a fun way for kids to get started with managing and saving their money. There are no minimum balances, and all they need is an adult to help them open the account. Personal bankers are trained to teach kids basic financial skills like depositing, withdrawing, and keeping a register.

Talk to a Personal Banker any MNB location to open a Bee-A-Saver account for your child today!

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