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Ask The Expert - September 2019

by Stacy Wise | Aug 28, 2019

Online Bill Pay

Why should I use Online Bill Pay?


You might be surprised at the advantages Online Bill Pay can offer. Here are a few ways it can help you cut down your to-do list and save money.

Save Money
Do you know how much time and money you're wasting by not paying your bills online? The postage, envelopes and even the gas you use to drive to the post office or bank can all add up. Even it it's only a few dollars, it's a few dollars you could be spending elsewhere.

Save Time
Driving around to pay your bills shouldn't have to be part of your day. Online Bill Pay is quick and easy to set up. Plus, payments made online typically post faster than payments made through the mail.

Pay Securely
Financial institutions use multiple forms of encryption to exchange data and employ experts to continually improve security. To say Online Banking is safe and secure would be an understatement. In fact, Online Banking is safer in many ways than standard practices.

Enjoy Convenience
With Online Bill Pay, you can schedule advance and recurring payments and set up Alerts and Notifications to keep you updated on all of your banking activity.


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