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Did You Know? November 2019

by Stacy Wise | Nov 04, 2019

Heading somewhere warm for the winter?
Heading somewhere warm for the winter?

Here are 3 quick financial tips for snowbirds:


1. Notify MidAmerica National Bank. Let us know your temporary address, contact information, and dates of departure and return before you leave so you can continue to receive important financial information. It's better to let us know about your travels ahead of time rather than run the risk of your account being temporarily frozen if we are unable to reach you with questions about charges from an unexpected location.

2. Know how to access your account information. Managing your money from out-of-town is critical to helping you feel at ease during your trip. You can use MNB's convenient Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Text Banking, and Bank-By-Phone to access important account details. Click on the links to learn more, or call us at 800-647-5050 and we can help!

3. Make protecting your identity a priority. Be diligent about keeping your information safe, and review our Security Center to learn some common examples of methods used to steal your identity.


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