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M-Club News August 2020

by Stacy Wise | Aug 27, 2020

August 2020 M-Club News

We finally did it…we experienced our first M-Club trip for 2020! 


On July 29, we put on our face masks, loaded the bus and headed to Covington, Indiana for lunch and a show at the Beef House.  This trip was a first for the M-Club to experience the Beef House and it did not disappoint!   Travelers wore their face masks and practiced social distancing, but this did not detract from a great trip and a fun day.


On the bus ride, we played the customary rounds of bingo with many winners earning fun and unique grab bag prizes.  Since we had a three hour trip to Indiana, we also played a fun game of trivia. The mother/daughter duo of Marilyn Siefert & Julie Burkhead were our 1st place winners or trivia “Champions”. Kathy Lock & Martha Enge took 2nd place or the “Almost” prize.  And the last place team, whom we referred to as “Also Ran”, wish to remain anonymous. Each team proudly wore their “medals” the rest of the day.


Upon arrival, we enjoyed a delicious buffet-style meal that included the fantastic dinner rolls the Beef House is known for. As we progressed through the buffet line, they served us a variety of options including lasagna, chicken, beef, pork roast, green beans, mashed potatoes (just to name a few), and several options for dessert. After a wonderful lunch, we were eager to be entertained. The show, “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do”, had a charming and funny storyline that took us back to a wild Labor Day weekend in 1960. The talent was outstanding, and the music was nostalgic. After the show, we loaded the charter for the trip home where we continued many fun rounds of Bingo and other games. What a great day we had! 


As you know, this trip was the first we were able to experience in 2020, and unfortunately after much thought and consideration, it will be the one and only trip for the 2020 M-Club travel season. With so many changes and restrictions due to the pandemic, we feel travelling any more this year would not be prudent. It was not an easy decision, but we feel it is the responsible and right decision. As we continue to adjust to our “new norm”, we will focus on a full agenda of trips for 2021.


See you on the bus!


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