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Ask The Expert - September 2021

by Stacy Wise | Sep 20, 2021


What are some ways MNB can help farmers grow?


Written by Andrea Klinedinst, Compliance Assistant


Living in a farming community, many of us know farming is a big task with many costs that can add up quickly, which can make farming an expensive venture. That’s where an ag loan at MNB can help. Whether you’re just starting out in farming or you’ve been farming for years, we have many expert lenders ready to help you with all your ag loan needs. One of those lenders is Ryan Spangler, Commercial Loan Officer at MNB. Ryan answered some questions about ways an ag loan at MNB can help you grow.


How do you get started?


Ryan Spangler (RS): A typical ag loan application starts with a call or visit and a discussion with a loan officer to figure out which of our loan products would be the best fit for your needs. It’s good to come in with a plan. A good plan would show any costs and state exactly what you need and why you need it. It would also show financials and any research done ahead of time. Bringing in any tax returns or financial documents will help us see what kind of rates we can offer and help us make a faster decision.


Talking with one of our lenders is a great way to find out about new opportunities to better help with your operation. We strive to help find the best fit for our customers.


What aspects of a farm operation can MNB help cover?


RS: We can help in almost all aspects of farm operations. For example, we can assist in purchasing real estate, machinery, or in the form of a Line of Credit for operational costs, among other things. A Line of Credit is a great product to help plan for next year or to help year-round with any needs that arise with your operation, such as purchasing seed and fertilizer.


We offer refinancing and line of credit renewals to help existing customers continue to keep their operation running smoothly.


Why choose MNB?


RS: A really strong way we help existing and potential customers is through our great customer service, doing anything we can for the customers. Our customer service is something we pride ourselves in, to be the best and do our best for our customers. We have our core values that help promote better customer service. Through that, we better ourselves and the bank and do whatever we can to help our customers.


MNB is proud to offer a wide range of ag loans

  • Operating loans
  • Machinery and equipment financing
  • Farm & real estate financing
  • Ag investment consulting
  • Livestock loans
  • Farm real estate improvement loans.

If you’re looking to get into farming or hoping to continue to grow your farming operation, give us a call or visit our ag lending webpage and schedule a meeting with a Loan Officer today!


Our Fulton County Loan Officers

Bruce Edwards, Senior Vice President 
309-647-5000  |  email

Doug Tindall, Vice President 
309-547-2246  |  email

Zack Krulac, Vice President
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Ryan Spangler, Loan Officer
309-647-5000  |  email

Our Marshall County Loan Officer


Denise Salisbury, Loan Officer
309-364-2302  |  email

Our McDonough County Loan Officers

Ryan Riggins, Vice President
309-833-4111  |  email

Ryan Van Dolah, Vice President
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Jamie Cumbie, Assistant Vice President
309-833-4111 | email


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