Additional Business Products & Services

Account Analysis

With account analysis, business customers can receive a competitive earnings-credit rate. The earnings allowance is calculated on non-interest-bearing account balances maintained during a statement period. Account analysis allows you to possibly pay bank service charges through compensating balances or fees... or a combination of both.

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Payments

ACH is an electronic network for financial transactions. Businesses can use ACH for business-to-business payments; e-commerce payments; federal, state, and local tax payments; and much more. It’s fast, efficient, and reduces paper.

Automatic Transfer

Save the time it takes to come to the bank to make a transfer and avoid overdraft charges.To enact automatic transfer, you simply sign an authorization form stating when and where you want your funds to be transferred among your business accounts. You determine how much will be transferred to make payments or be deposited into other MidAmerica National Bank accounts. You may also set-up transfers on a regular schedule (weekly, monthly, etc.) or when an account reaches a certain balance.

Bank Statements on CD-ROM

Save paper and space by receiving one or all of your monthly bank statements on CD-ROM. It allows you to view and print images of your checks, deposit tickets, and deposited items on your home or office computer. You can research account items and sort them by transaction date, check number, item type, or dollar amount. And you can download the data to Quicken or other accounting software. CD-ROMs are easy to store, too.

Business Credit Cards

Make purchases without the hassle of writing a check. Business credit card accounts can also be set up for employees you authorize.

Business Debit Cards

Deduct funds from your business checking account easily when you make purchases. Although debit cards look and are used like a credit card, there are no finance fees because the money is simply deducted from your account. You don’t have to worry about a check being accepted because debit cards are accepted wherever MasterCard is accepted. They’re great for traveling...and for those who simply don’t want to carry cash.

Business Lock Box Services

Reduce mail and labor costs with this convenient service. You direct your customers to send their payments to a Post Office box that’s in your company’s name but controlled by the bank. The bank collects the mail daily and all checks are deposited into your bank account the same day. Funds from the collection of your accounts receivable may be available to you sooner with this service.


If you have a CD in excess of the $250,000 FDIC coverage limit, you can still invest it with MidAmerica National Bank and have full FDIC coverage up to $50 million. You earn one interest rate on your CD investments through MidAmerica and CDARS. And you receive one statement detailing your CD investments – meaning you no longer need to consolidate statements at the end of each month, quarter, or year. You can select from various maturities and choose the terms that best fit your investment needs.

Credit Card Payment Services

This is a secure and convenient way to accept payments for mail order, Internet, and point-of-sale transactions. Your money is received and deposited into your account quickly. You don’t run the risk of accepting a bad check, thus eliminating the hassle of handling collection matters. Click here to learn more about our credit & debit card processing services!

Equipment Leasing

Flexible terms are often available...and sometimes at a lower rate than with a loan. In many cases, 100% of a lease payment is tax deductible.

Night Depository

Night depository is a safe and secure way of making deposits when the bank is closed. You simply place your business receipts for the day in the “night drop,” and they’re processed the next business day.

Remote Deposit

Remote deposit allows businesses to make bank deposits without physically visiting the bank. At your business, checks are quickly and easily run through a small scanner that electronically sends images of the checks directly to MidAmerica National Bank. It’s convenient and time-saving because you don’t have to send an employee to the bank to make the deposit.

Click here to see the benefits of Remote Deposit!

Wire Transfers

Electronically transfer funds from one person or entity to another...or from one bank account to an account at another bank. It’s often the fastest way to make transfers. The bank collects payment for the service from the sender as well as the recipient.

Other Business Products and Services

  • Agricultural operating loans
  • Agricultural real estate loans
  • ATMs (automatic teller machines)
  • Bank by mail
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Check ordering
  • Commercial loans
  • Commercial real estate loans
  • Direct deposit
  • Endorsement stamps
  • Insured money market accounts
  • MidAmerica Financial Services
  • Mobile banking
  • Notary services
  • Online banking
  • Online bill payment
  • Online statements
  • Personal money orders
  • Phone transfers
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Stop payment of checks
  • Telephone banking
  • Text message banking
  • Trust services
  • VISA gift cards