Checking Accounts

MidAmerica National Bank's commercial checking accounts provide a safe, convenient depository for commercial receipts, as well as an easy method for paying bills and meeting payrolls. A monthly statement shows all deposits and payments, and check images are legal proof of payments. Customers also gain access to MidAmerica National Bank's most modern, efficient methods of cash management. Click here to learn more about Business Cash Manager.

If your business needs to go beyond simple checkbook balancing, a monthly compact disc may be the way to simplify your accounting. For $15 per disc, you can receive your monthly statement, including images of all your financial documents, on a single compact disc. Every compact disc you receive will include:

  • Complete monthly statements showing all activity. 
  • Images of the front and back of all checks. 
  • Images of all deposit tickets. 
  • Images of all credit transactions. 
  • The ability to sort information by date, check number, and dollar amount. 
  • The ability to export data to Excel.

Click here to view a flyer explaining our Small Business and Regular Business Checking Accounts.