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M-Club News - December 2017

by Stacy Wise | Dec 19, 2017

Escape Winter with the M-Club

Freaky Friday

Do you ever feel cooped up during the long winter months? Imagine a day filled with fun, laughter, and good company. A day where you eat a delicious entrée, mouthwatering dessert, and get chauffeured around in comfort. This is exactly the kind of day you will have this February 14th when the M-Club makes its way to Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse to see Walt Disney’s Freaky Friday.

Nestled in downtown Rock Island is a breathtaking, historical dinner theater called Circa ’21. The charter coach ride is only 90 minutes, and we will enjoy games of Bingo along the way. When we arrive, you will have time to take in the history of the theater before we make our way to our seats for lunch. You will have a choice of several entrees, followed by your choice of dessert. 

The show is about an overworked mom and her teenage daughter who magically swap bodies, just 24 hours before mom’s big wedding. Freaky Friday is a hilarious, heartwarming story of family. This show is appropriate for audiences of all ages, so bring your friends, children, grandchildren, spouse, or travel solo.

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