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Supporting our Communities August 2020

by Stacy Wise | Aug 27, 2020


Community Shred Day

August 2020 Shred Day

We had the BEST DAY EVER for this year's Community Shred Day on Saturday, June 27th. Canton, Henry, and Macomb collected a total of 24,138 pound for shredding!


2020 Community Shred Day Breakdown
Canton: 8,020 pounds
Macomb: 7,856 poundsHenry: 7,956 pounds of paper and 306 pounds of non-paper

This is only the second year for Shred Day in Henry, and they jumped from 1,132 pounds last year to a total of 8,262 pounds this year (including non-paper). Great job, Henry team!



Food Distribution Volunteers

Food distrubution volunteers

Thanks to these MNB employees who volunteered to help The Salvation Army of Canton with their drive-through food box distribution held at SRC in Canton on Saturday, August 15th!

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