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Buzzy's Best

Buzzy the Money Bee is the leader of the Bee-A-Saver Club & Buzzy's Best, and he visits local schools to teach children about the importance of saving money. Buzzy also enjoys appearing in parades and attending special events.

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Buzzy’s Best Program

MNB strives to be involved with all members of the community and Buzzy the Money Bee loves to recognize kids for good behavior. This was the motivation behind a program called “Buzzy’s Best” for elementary school students. Buzzy’s Best are students who have been selected by their teachers as those who have proven to “bee” good citizens, cooperative, kind, hard-working, and helpful. Once a month during the school year, the chosen students are awarded a $20 Bee-A-Saver account, a t-shirt, and several “bee” inspired prizes. At the end of each school year, the winner of Buzzy’s Best of the Year is chosen from all of the monthly winners. In addition, all Buzzy’s Best recipients from the school year are invited to ride on the MNB Buzzy’s Best float in the Friendship Festival Parade in Canton. The Buzzy’s Best program takes place at Eastview, Lincoln, and Westview Elementary Schools in Canton, as well as Cuba Elementary School and Lewistown Central School. Check out our recent Buzzy's Best winners below!

Buzzy’s Best Recipients - 2021-2022 School Year

Natalie-BuzzysBestoftheYear-WestviewElementary Asa-BuzzysBestoftheYear-LincolnElementary Jacklyne-BuzzysBestoftheYear-LewistownElementary Jackson-BuzzysBestoftheYear-CubaElementary Rylan-BuzzysBestoftheYear-EastviewElementary Jack-BuzzysBestMay2022-LincolnElementary Megan-BuzzysBestMay2022-EastviewElementary Clayton-BuzzysBestMay2022-LewistownElementary Charlie-BuzzysBestMay2022-WestviewElementary Bentley-BuzzysBestMay2022-CubaElementary BuzzysBestApril2022-Lincoln-Xavier BuzzysBestApril2022-Eastview-Ava BuzzysBestApril2022-Westview-Lesley BuzzysBestApril2022-Lewistown-Donna BuzzysBestApril2022-Cuba-Briella BuzzysBestMarch2022-Lincoln-Asa BuzzysBestMarch2022-Eastview-Leah BuzzysBestMarch2022-Lewistown-Noah BuzzysBestMarch2022-Cuba-Bo BuzzysBestMarch2022-Westview-Elizabeth February2022-Natalie-WestviewElementarySchool February2022-Charlee-LincolnElementarySchool February2022-Micah-EastviewElementarySchool February2022-Connor-LewistownElementarySchool February2022-Lilli-CubaElementarySchool Oct21-Westview-Laylah_7503 Oct21-Eastview-Riley_7497 Oct21-Lewistown-Elzie_7488 Oct21-Cuba-Jackson_7481 Oct21-Lincoln-Brody_7493 Sept21-Eastview-Kennedy_4597 LukeBuzzysBestSeptember2021LincolnElementarySchool DemiBuzzysBestSeptember2021CubaElementarySchool KallenBuzzysBestSeptember2021WestviewElementarySchool MakaylaBuzzysBestSeptember2021LewistownElementarySchool

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