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Compromised Debit & Credit Card Frequently Asked Questions

Compromised Debit & Credit Card FAQs

What is a compromised card?

A compromised card means that information (examples: card number, name, and expiration date) may have been obtained by an unauthorized source at a merchant where you used your card. A compromised card is at risk of being used fraudulently. Cards may be compromised due to computer theft, unauthorized network intrusion, or any type of suspicious activity.

How does MidAmerica National Bank respond to compromised card notifications?

MidAmerica National Bank takes every compromise seriously and requires closing the compromised cards and issuance of new cards for affected customers. Customers will be notified if we are aware their card has been compromised.

If my card has been affected, does this mean I have fraudulent activity on my account?

Not necessarily. A compromised card notification does not mean fraudulent activity has occurred on your account. We recommend you review your monthly statement(s) or review your transactions daily using Online Banking.

What do I need to do if I discover fraud on my account?

If you discover fraud on your account, contact MNB immediately by calling 877-647-5050 or visit any of our banking centers.

How long will it take to receive my replacement card?

You should receive a new card in the mail within 7-10 days of the order date.

Will my PIN (Personal Identification Number) change along with my card number?

There will be a sticker on the new card with the phone number to call to select your PIN. Additionally, you can visit any MNB banking center to select a PIN and Online Banking & Mobile App users can also select a PIN from within Online Banking and the Mobile App.

Will I be charged for the new card?

MNB will not charge for replacement cards under these circumstances.

What if I do not want to have my compromised card closed?

Compromises are serious. Fraudulent activity may occur if the card is not closed. The fraud dispute process can be more inconvenient to customers than simply having a card replaced. Although many customers do not experience fraud when a compromise is reported, the risk still exists if the cards are not closed and replaced. We require compromised cards to be replaced to protect our customers and minimize any inconvenience and losses.

What if I have preauthorized debits being paid from my compromised card?

You should contact the merchant immediately to inform them the card has been closed. To limit the inconvenience of changing card number, we recommend our customers use their account number and routing number for ACH payments. However; if you must use your debit card, inform the merchant of the new card number when received.

Will this affect the cards that are issued for the joint owners on my account?

Each debit card has a separate number. Therefore, if one card is compromised, that doesn’t mean the joint owner’s card is compromised. It is possible, however, for both cards to be listed on the compromised list, in which case you will be notified of the compromise on each one.

Does the compromised card mean I have to change my checking account number?

The information encoded on the compromised card pertains only to the card, potentially including the name, card number and expiration date. Confidential information such as your bank account number or social security number is not encoded on the card so a checking account number change is not necessary.

This has happened to me before, is there anything I can do to prevent it?

Unfortunately, we have no way of stopping criminals from hacking into databases of merchants or stealing information. We are aware of the inconvenience customers’ face when a card has been compromised. We make a card compromise high priority to ensure our affected customers receive the replacement card and PIN number as soon as possible.

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