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Episode 29 - Market Update 4.8.21
The takeaway from this week’s FOMC meeting is eerily reflective of disappointing jobs data released today. Meanwhile, what seems like limited time demand is being harnessed by GameStop, who is reportedly issuing new shares of the heavily shorted meme stock. Somehow, all of this craziness is not enough to sway markets into correction territory (yet!). Rachel covers all this and more in today’s installment.

Episode 28 - Market Update 4.1.21
The Suez Canal is freed from last week’s Ever Given blockage, but supply chain troubles are expected to linger.  Meanwhile, the Archegos margin call meltdown is reigniting regulatory scrutiny for big players in the investment arena.  All this and more is covered in this installment of Market Update.

Episode 27 - Market Update 3.24.21
Troubles for IT are abound while financials see some changes from the Fed.  Meanwhile, existing home sales have fallen and markets waver as investors eye long-term yields.  All this and more is covered in this 27th installment of Market Update.

Episode 26 - Market Update 3.15.21
Stimulus, tax hikes, and corrections—oh my! Today Rachel covers these topics and more as markets are rattled by rising long-term yields and inflation expectations.

Episode 25 - Market Update 3.9.21
You won’t want to miss this week’s episode. Rachel unpacks job growth expectations, upcoming stimulus, Disneyland’s troubled reopening, and more.

Episode 24 - Market Update 3.3.21
On this week’s update, Rachel touches on the volatile trading environment, an interesting pivot for Pepsi, stimulus, and more.

Episode 23 - Market Update 2.24.21
Markets are in the red this week. In this installment of Market Update, Rachel unpacks this negativity, Bitcoin’s correlated fall with Tesla, rising long-term yields, and more.

Episode 22 - Market Update 2.17.21
Rachel covers the gambit this week as bitcoin hits an all-time high, Tesla expands, and the fiscal budget deficit projection comes in.

Episode 21 - Market Update 2.8.21
Today’s update delves into Tesla’s bitcoin purchase, unemployment concerns, capital gain taxes (see referenced article here), and more.

Episode 20 - Market Update 2.1.21
Get the rundown on GameStop, the weak U.S. dollar, new strategic alliances, and more on this week’s installment of Market Update!

Episode 19 - Market Update 1.25.21
Curious about international diversification? In episode 19, Rachel covers growth prospects for this investment arena, travel restrictions, vaccine woes, and more.

Episode 18 - Market Update 1.19.21
In this installment of Market Update, Rachel breaks down disappointing retail sales, Biden’s new stimulus package, China’s growth figures, and more.

Episode 17 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 1.11.21
This week, Sam and Rachel discuss political risk to equity markets, Bitcoin’s bad day, a bubble concern for Tesla, and more.

Episode 16 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 1.4.21
What does the Georgia Senate runoff mean for investors? What about U.S. spread of the new coronavirus strain? What’s new in the automotive industry? Sam and Rachel answer these questions (and more!) in this episode.

Episode 15 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 12.28.20
The holidays are winding down, but business news sure isn’t! Hangout with Sam and Rachel as they discuss Bitcoin regulation, Apple rumors, retirement/tax considerations, and more.

Episode 14 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 12.21.20
Sam and Rachel weigh concerns surrounding virus mutation, vaccine distribution, Tesla’s S&P debut, and more.

Episode 13 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 12.14.20
This week Sam and Rachel tackle IPOs, DIY investing techniques, Disney streaming, and vaccine news.

Episode 12 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 12.7.20
Listen to Sam and Rachel as they discuss diversity at Nasdaq, energy drink lawsuits, foreign holdings risk, HBO Max, and sidelined cash.

Episode 11 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 11.30.20
Join Sam and Rachel as they mull over real estate concerns, precious metals, upcoming IPOs, and more.

Episode 10 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 11.23.20
This week on Market Update, Rachel and Sam tackle tough subjects like the inflationary environment, long-term Covid impacts, recent vaccine news, and more.

Episode 9 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 11.16.20
Episode 9 explores the investor’s mindset on return to normalcy, streaming wars, the rise of the Hostess donut, and more.

Episode 8 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 11.9.20
In the eighth installment of Market Update, Rachel discusses a strategic shift for AT&T, jobless claims, and trouble ahead for Visa. Sam follows up with an analysis of the recent market rotation, cannabis stocks, and financials.

Episode 7 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 11.3.20
In this week’s episode, Rachel discusses a recent discovery in the Covid treatment arena, a potential tailwind for gaming, used automobile prices, and market technicals.

Episode 6 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 10.26.20
In this sixth installment, learn about the fall of Quibi, a loss for Uber and Lyft, concerns for Intel, and more.

Episode 5 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 10.19.20
This week Sam and Rachel discuss Tech valuations, China’s economic recovery, new partnerships, Boeing’s 737 Max, economic data, holiday spending, and more!

Episode 4 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 10.13.20
In this episode of Market Update, Rachel delivers good news about Disney and market technicals. DIY investing, Robinhood thefts, election effects, and Big Tech’s return to court are also covered.

Episode 3 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 10.5.20
This week Sam and Rachel discuss China’s mission to go carbon neutral, the latest news surrounding government stimulus, Walmart’s initiative, unemployment levels, as well as the usual market update.

Episode 2 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 9.29.20
This episode of MNB on Money is the second in our series 'Market Update with Sam and Rachel'. If you like this episode, Share it with your friends, subscribe, and give us a review!

Episode 1 - Market Update with Sam & Rachel 9.15.20
In the first episode of MNB on Money, we introduce you to our series 'Market Update with Sam and Rachel' for Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

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