Buzzy Bee's Kids

Who is Buzzy the Money Bee? 
Well, he's about six feet tall, black, yellow and fuzzy... and he hands out money for children to save. Kids in Fulton County are quick to recognize Buzzy the Money Bee of MidAmerica National Bank!

MidAmerica National Bank wanted to find a fun and unique way of teaching children the importance of saving money. Buzzy is the leader of the Bee-A-Saver Club & Buzzy's Best, and he visits local schools to teach children about the importance of saving money. Buzzy also enjoys appearing in parades and special events, and is often on hand to greet children who tour the bank.

The Bee-A-Saver Club
At MidAmerica National Bank, helping future generations in practical ways is important to us. That's why Buzzy the Money Bee teaches children about saving with his Bee-A-Saver Club. This "just for kids" club helps make saving more fun! It's for all children ages ten and under and comes with a special savings book and a bee for their backpacks. The Bee-A-Saver savings account has no minimum balance or deposit requirements.

Buzzy's Best
MidAmerica National Bank strives to be involved with all members of the community no matter what their age. This was the motivation behind a program called "Buzzy's Best" for elementary school students. Buzzy's Best are students who have been selected by their teachers as those who have proven to "bee" good citizens, cooperative, hard workers and kind and helpful. Once a month during the school year, the chosen students are awarded a $20 Bee-A-Saver account, a t-shirt, and several "bee" inspired prizes. 

Buzzy's Best of the Year is awarded at the end of the school year. The Buzzy's Best program takes place in the following schools... Canton: Eastview, Lincoln and Westview Elementary Schools; Cuba: Cuba Elementary School; Lewistown: Lewistown Central School. Check out our recent Buzzy's Best winners below!

Buzzy's Best Winners - 2014-2015 School Year